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Good Morning!

My parents are divorced, and therefore, I'm living a week with each of them. They only live about 5 streets away, a 6 or 7min walk throught the city. The problem is, I've got a laptop, but it's not enough processing power... I'm into YouTube, and I have my rig at one place, where I can record, edit, render, and upload without problem. (Can't do any of these properly on my laptop) Some games do run, but playing TF2 at 45fps on 1366x768 isn't great.

I've got to projects on my mind right now:

1-Watercooling my rig
2-Making it "moveable"

I've been thinking about watercooling my rig, since i've got a 1080mm rad lying around, and the 6990 gets HOT under load. Nevertheless, that won't fit in my Phantom, and, as I want to be able to move my rig from my mother's to my father's, I was thinking about grabbing a big case with wheels.

The issue is: CaseLabs or Lian Li D8000 look interesting, but they are more expensive than having a carpenter make a custom case for me... (would build one myself, but i lack both the tools and the skills)

Any feedback? Ideas?

Btw, would it be bad for the PC, to move around once a week? Around half of the way is on streets that have those weird engraved designs on the tiles, and I'm worrying about vibration.