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Yeah, I have a full loop and at 4.5 and 1.235v it can get to mid 70's during prime, sometimes reaches the 80's.

So that full load with a H100 and 50C is BS

all depends on the chip itself and cooling block mounting. I had issues with H80 mounting mechanism being loose on my former Z68 FTW + 2600K and giving me terrible high temps under load, fixed it with a few washers, so the block sit tighter on CPU. eventually sent H80 back for a refund as I tried 2 units and both of them came with faulty firmware/controller for fans.

IVB 1155 are different than Sandy chips, they have this stupid TIM under IHS and now on top of a voltage/overclcoking lottery there is another factor in play - how well the factory spread teh TIM under IHS. I have a 2nd 3770K now and it seems to run even hotter than the first one which degraded in 8 weeks at mild use ...
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Im on a fully custom cpu only loop, rx360 rad, raystorm block, mcp655 pwm pump....... at 4.5 at 1.25v im getting Mid 20s to 30s idle, 56 57 C at load... so if you know what you are doing its possible... Im going for 4.8 - 4.9 Ghz
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