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I'll try to explain this briefly.

So I live in a small town with a local ISP. I suspect it is the ISP causing the issue.

When there is only one computer hooked up to this 6mb connection, there are no problems what so ever. No lag, no connection problems.

If one computer on the network is downloading 650-750 kbs (max speed), or in an application, website, ect, that is using up the bandwidth, other computers will show they are on the internet, even in networking and sharing center, and have the correct ip, but cannot access any webpage from a browser, or ping from cmd.

While playing video games, league of legends for instance, with a friend playing on his computer plugged into my network we can play at a steady 60-70 ping, then all the sudden, super lag spikes. Often displaying a 999 ping in-game. The lag spikes last anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 mins.

My first thought was it must be the cheesy router that i was using, a 20 dollar Trendnet, so i replaced it with a fairly nice Dlink yet the problems persist.

We have a computer store in this town using the same 6mb connection provided by the local ISP. The reason i think the ISP is causing the problem is because very similar issues that i experience at my house we experience at the store. For example, while downloading windows updates, ect, on one computer other computers report no page can be displayed and ping request fail.

To many little variables to find anything relating to my issues on google. Sadly, other than my boss i don't know anyone personally that could even know what im talking about. Called the tech support and the only thing he could tell me is if we need more bandwidth then we can buy another 6mb line...

Guess really I just need to know if I am over looking something that could be causing the problem. At this rate im going to move 30 mins away to a bigger town with a legit ISP lol.