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success biggrin.gif

was able to drop ambient room temp to 18-19C today and thank to dry air conditions had no fear in using AC cold air intake into my computer. 5GHz stable and benchmarked biggrin.gif

here are some air properties conditions and Dew point calculations based on it (room ambient, AC outlet inside the case, AC outlet measured at computer air intake):

outside air conditions:
56F/13C @ 25% @ 22F/-6C Dew Point

room ambient before I turned AC on:
21.5C/71F @ 27% RH @ 36F/2.2C Dew Point

initial room ambient with AC on:
60F/15.5C @ 35% RH @ 33F/0.5C Dew Point
same, but later during the experiment (my system generated lots of heat and raised ambient LOL):
63F/17C @ 35% RH @ 34F/1C Dew Point

And now the CAI smile.gif
AC outlet was located around 4 inches away from computer intake

Computer air inlet (with AC running providing cold air intake):
46F/8C @ 69% RH @ 37F/3C Dew Point

Computer air inlet (with AC compressor off providing "normal" air):
68F/20C @ 35% RH @ 39F/4C Dew Point

3770K @ 5GHz vcore offset +0.315v with MEDIUM LLC (25%) resulting in:
1.544v idle vcore (as per cpu-z)
1.464v under full load (as per cpu-z)

some numbers and some screen shots and links
note that OPT2 sensor temperature in AI Suite is actually an air temp sensor located in intake area of my computer - when AC compressor was running it was reporting 6-8C temperature, when AC compressor was getting cycled off the inlet air temperature was rising to 19-20C (room ambient).


passed IBT in Standard mode (1GB RAM used) without WHEA warnings in Event Logs (screen shot taken with memory running 2200MHz CL10 @ 1,65V):
Uploaded with

3dmark11 benchmark with 670 card running 1243MHz core and 7052MHz memory:

SuperPI 1.5 xmod calculation:
Uploaded with

unfortunately, since outside air was around 56F, my AC cycled on and off at 60F setting very often, so I couldn't count on cold air intake to last for long. it was enough however for 5 rounds of IBT in Standard mode (using 1GB RAM) and CPU temps were not a problem with 4x4GB of memory running 1333MHz @ 1.5v CL9 (below CPU thermal limits). it did however hit thermal limits once or twice when I repeated the same IBT test later (also within cold air intake interval from my AC) and when 4x4GB memory was running 2200MHz @ 1.65C CL10, was stable though..

now, since 5GHz was stable at not so tragic vcore (needs slightly more would be needed for 2200MHz memory running 1.65V as opposed to default 1333mhz @ 1.50v I tested it with at first), I think I will wait and see if chip doesn't get degraded severely now. if it lives then I void warranty and delid it biggrin.gif
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