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Need help with a video effect

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I am making a video and there is an effect that is perfect for the ending credits but I can't for the life of me know how to do it or even know the technical word for it. I do know however that it can be seen in this clip, just skip to 2:40:


See the videos still playing but they are all being zoomed out at the same time? What is this called? And if possible are there any tutorials on this effect ideally for Sony Vegas?

I do have one method of making a separate video with a whole punch of clips then rendering that to it's own file then importing that to my actual project and then doing the zoom out effect there? Thoughts?

Much appreciated

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I'm not familiar with vegas (I use Adobe), but there are two methods I think.

Well both methods would include a precomp, where you have a seperate composition for the block of videos that is going to be zoomed in/out. Then place that comp into the main comp, so you only have to apply the zooming/resizing to one layer.

After having the block of the switching clips precomposed, you can either resize that comp or use a camera and just pull away or towards the block. Not sure how much of that applies to vegas, but I tried. The movement is using keyframes as well, where you mark a keyframe at one point, then 5 seconds later move the camera a bit closer to the block and set another keyframe, so that over 5 seconds the camera will get closer to the block, making it appear larger.
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Is there an actual term used for this effect? And if possible a tutorial? Thanks for the quick reply.
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All good worked it out. For those using Vegas Pro:

1. Compile the videos/pictures you want to zoom/pan out on one timeline.
2. On the left side of the toolbar select Track Motion...
3. Once you are in Track Motion you will see a timeline with 3 different rows. Select the 'Position' row.
4. On the Track Motion display (centre) you will see either a rectangle at 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, etc (whatever type of resolution you are creating your video at). In the middle will be a circle with a 90 degree right angle marked X and Y.
5. The corners of the rectangle/square can be interacted with and used to either stretch, push or rotate the video, in this case we want to push it in. In this case we will push out in step 7.
6.On the timeline under 'Position' go to the point of the timeline where you want the zooming to stop. Once you are on the right time on the timeline press the 'Create Keyframe' button (the button that has a +). This will be the finishing point of the zoom.
7. Now select the rectangle and push it in to the point where you would like the video to zoom in. If you want it to zoom in completely and disappear then push it in until you can no longer see it.

That is it. Had to figure this one out myself because I had no idea what this technique was called. Anyway, message me if you have any trouble.
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