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Recently I got a piece of mail ware from Yantoo that was installed without me knowing it. I used Microsoft Security Scanner to remove it, since Norton didn't recognize it. I even went in and deleted the dll and directory for Yantoo. Yet, I can't download pictures or files in Waterfox. I uninstalled version 13 and upgraded to version 14 and then version 15 and I still can't download programs or pictures in Waterfox. The problem was also there with Internet Explorer, until I got Yantoo removed, but I can't seem to fix Waterfox. What should I do? I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Waterfox several times with no success in being able to downloading files from the Internet. I have even uninstalled Waterfox, shut down, restarted downloaded Waterfox, then with Internet Explorer I downloaded and installed a clean version of Waterfox. The problem remains. Is there some dll that Yantoo left or that got corrupted by Yantoo? I know that there is some data being left over from Waterfox after an uninstall, because when I reinstall I can still get the same bookmarks and it remembers my history. How do I completely uninstall Waterfox and install a clean, fully working, version?