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For Sale:
[FS] ASUS GTX 580 dcii 1.5GB brushed aluminum finish

Will Ship To: US48, US50
Sanding is not terribly perfect but the face of it that you see here looks quite nice in person. theres an indent that i couldnt get to on the shroud in 4 places that i decided to silver/chrome paint witch gives it a more textured surface and in my opinion doesnt look like s*it. the back side is not sanded and is still black as well as a couple hard to get spots where the crevice made it difficult to totally remove the paint. Therefore this is the absolute best appearance in its orientation to view it by. The backplate could use another sanding to be perfected. It is what it is and looks better than black.

Somebody take it!

if you would like more pics please ask.

I work out of state so Id have to know of a sale on the weekends and ship it when Im off at work through the week.. 15178796591

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