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ASUS VE248H for $190 dollars
SHIMIAN Q270Lite for $300-330 dollars

hi guy, im in a real dilema deciding which monitor to get... i would like to have one of those 1440p korean monitors especially the Shimian Q270Lite that i can get for $300dollars

but there is a factor of luck arround those monitors that i dont really like since i dont live in the united state and i will be a pain in the ass to get it back in case it come dagame or something like that....
but in the other hand i would like have the ASUS VE248H which i find a really nice and can be an
update from my 3years old BENQ 2200WA which is a regular basic monitor that its showing his age...

my question is
if im not interested on having the better angle viewing since i sit in front of my pc and since both of them have the same 60hz, the only difference
would be the 1440p vs 1080p and the 24inch vs 27inch display plus TN VS IPS base on that which one will be better in my case?

would i see a difference in smoothness between the IPS 8MS over the TN 2MS??

thanks really appreciate your time
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