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I am running FX8120 on GA970 DS3 with 2 x 8gb 1333 generic Ram Hynix, runs fine with Workstation 9 running s ESX 5.1 with 64 bit guests, this means it supports IOMMU.
Hope this helps as I was tring to find out the same info as you. It works you don't need the more expensive chipsets. Also think it runs ESX 5 baremetal with both disk and nic recognized, haven't tried it yet but another post sais it will on the vmware site.
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How about checking this list?

I am looking for AMD-Vi in newer laptops - also not too expensive. Unfortunately the list does not include laptops, I think. I have just begun looking at AMD.

For recent Intel Laptops I found following supporting VT-d:
Chipsets: QM77 Express and QS77 Express.
QE: i7-3610QE, i7-3612QE, i7-3615QE
QM: i7-3615QM, i7-3635QM, i7-3720QM, i7-3740QM, i7-3820QM, i7-3840QM.

I don't know about motherboards - Laptops does not include that info that often.
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I'm looking to buy a cpu FX8350 for virtualization purpose with Vmware but I spent hours today and yesterday on the internet to find a motherboard with chipset that supports IOMMU AND with a bios that contains ACPI IVRS table.
I was wondering which motherboard got the OP at the end and if anybody got the GA970 DS3,doest it have definitely the bios with ACPI IVRS table and fully supports IOMMU?
I was looking for the cheapest motherboard to be honest, I'm not a gamer at all :-)
Thank you for reading ^-^
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