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X79/LGA2011 or Z77/LGA1155

Poll Results: X79/LGA2011 or Z77/LGA1155

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Hello everyone,

It's been a while since I bought my last MOBO/CPU, still running on X38 Asus Maximus Formula with Q6600@default speed and 8GB RAM. I'm sad I have to replace them.

The new system will be mostly running vm's inside VMware Workstation for labs/testing/learning with 20-24GB RAM usage for all VM's. The only bad thing with my current system is the lack of RAM.
I'm sure any of the two chipsets Z77 or X79 will be more than enough for my other tasks I might throw at them. Gaming is not really my concern these days, but I'm not saying no now and then. My HD5870 can still run a few so I'll be keeping that.

My main concern is which platform to choose.

The CPU's I'm looking at are i7-3820 for X79 and i7-3770 for Z77. I need VT-d and EPT and both have it. I don't care about overclocking at all.
Also, 32GB RAM from Z77 should be enough. Even so, I know I'll get 64GB if I'll go with X79.

I'm thinking about next year's IB-E CPU's. From what I read they'll be on same socket and chipset as i7-3820, but who can be sure?

This is something I have in mind:

First combo
MB: some X79 - It really doesn't matter the price, as long as it's solid.

Second combo
CPU: i7-3779
MB: some Z77 - It really doesn't matter the price, as long as it's solid.

I am not looking to overclock the system. Any i7-xxxx-K CPU is out of the question.
Been reading the forums and reviews all past week and still can't get a clear winner. Am I too picky/scared?

Any suggestions you may have for one or the other would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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I have no idea what you are doing when it comes to VM's, but it sounds like you will be running several, and I think that you would benefit from the option to go with more RAM if required down the road, as well as add an Ivy-E CPU later if more cores/threads are needed. It will be irrelevant for gaming, however. I got the X79 Pro since the Deluxe, WS, and Extreme from Asus didnt benefit me at all, but maybe your uses will make a higher end board necessary.
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I am thinking to choose between P9X79WS or P8Z77WS.
Like I said, gaming is not a priority.
The amount of extra RAM available on X79 weights a lot. For IB-E a simple BIOS update would do the trick if Intel sticks with LGA2011?
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Ivy E will work on x79. I'm sure they will release a new chipset with Ivy E like they did Z77 with Ivy, but Ivy E will work on your x79 board.
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Thanks for the replies, I'm gonna go with P9X79WS and i7-3820.
Looking for an air cooler at the moment that won't interfere with fully populated DIMMs. Seems a tough one too.
I know about the Corsair H80 but I'm not convinced I want a flood in there if something should happen.
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It's done, at last.

P9X79WS with i7-3820.

Here are some pics if anyone wants to see them:


Thanks to all who helped me making this decision, I'm very happy with it.
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