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A SMAA injector broke my game - Possible fix?

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Hey guys. So I read an interesting article about SMAA injectors and how they're supposed to force AA on any game with little to no performance impact. I tested one version of it (found here: http://mrhaandi.blogspot.com.au/p/injectsmaa.html) in Torchlight 2 and it worked a treat. I then tried it on Battlefield 2 (no real point but I was just testing at the time) and I got these weird glitchy errors loading the game like the opening logo glitching out and sound lagging. After it loaded it seemed fine... I logged into my account and booted up a game but for some reason it wouldn't load the spawn screen which is instantaneous. Closed the game down and tried again and no luck. So I deleted the SMAA files from the directory and booted up the game but it was still giving the exact same error even without SMAA installed. I tried a restart but no good. I then did a complete uninstall (all the way down to the registry files) then re-install of the game and installed latest patches and tried again but still no good and getting the same error.

Any ideas? I am starting to think it may be a DirectX thing so I did an update on that. I did a more thorough uninstall of BF2 using an uninstall third-party software to really dig in deep and I will try getting BF2 to work again but in the meantime could there be anything else that could be causing these screw-ups?


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Running anything like that is going to casue problems, just like those memory releasers did 10 years ago, god did they suck.

If the game isn't designed to run SMAA then just don't force it. It'll be fine without it.

Sorry, the only other thing you could possibly try is doing your GPU drivers as well, it might have had an inverse effect on those as well.
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