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I have a Xonar D1 sound card and I have been trying to configure it for Battlefield 3. The analog out on the card is set to Dolby 7.1 and Windows audio manager speaker setup is set to Dolby 5.1. This is the only way I can hear what seems to be surround in BF3. If I set the analog out on the soundcard to 5.1 then there is no sound at all in game.

So, with it set to 5.1 in Windows and on the soundcard 7.1, PCM 44.1 KHz, no effects, no extra virtual blah blah, just the basic settings, it sounds like crap. The headphones are not the best but it seriously sounds worse than Stereo. There is a very kind of underwatery, airy metallic sound, which you can hear from the echo of bullets and explosions. It's quite subtle but also obvious, and very annoying.

I was wondering if anyone else has the Xonar D1 and plays BF3 has this issue? Is that the general sound of the game? I was expecting to be happy with the 5.1, but I'd much rather play it in Stereo audio now. Maybe it's not a 'problem' but just a different sound. Any ideas?