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I just got an ASUS P8Z77-V Pro and I noticed it has a couple different features:

EPU (some kind of energy savings which I don't care about)
TPU (30%+ performance increase?)
"Optimal" Mode in BIOS (stable overclock settings?)

The TPU and EPU are physical switches on the motherboard whereas Optimal mode is a setting that you can choose in the "EZ" portion of the bios.

I was under the impression that Optimal mode applied stable overclock settings for the CPU (as well as RAM?). I got 4.1GHz with Optimal mode enabled on my i5 3570K (3.4GHz stock).

But what about TPU? Will it increase my CPU speed even further? How does it work?

Should I have both TPU and Optimal mode enabled at the same time, or only one or the other? How is TPU different from Optimal mode?

Also, does Intel SpeedStep not also overclock the processor to some degree? How do TPU, Optimal Mode, and SpeedStep work together? Should I have all three enabled? I just don't understand the differences.
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