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Hi i'm Connie! This is my vanilla build, although hopefully once i've finished it won't be vanilla biggrin.gif But just in case things don't go to plan...
I've recently bought myself a CM690II white edition and i've been literally itching to mod it - i'm planning to do some subtle changes - all those grills and flashing lights are completely lost on me biggrin.gif This is probably going to end up as a slow build log as i'm tad bit ocd about things looking just right and i'm doing my A-levels at the moment. Anyway, all good plans incorporate lists:

Things which will be done:
- That ugly mesh needs to be changed - i'm going to go for a one piece aluminium perforated sheet ; I was going to spray it black but i'm digging the metallic look, so i'm thinking of cutting it, sanding it and buffing it out so it's nice and shiny.

- There isn't a psu cover or divide - this is potential problematic as I want to hide the pump (there are no good looking pumps as far as i'm aware of) and all of the psu cables. So it will all be hidden... with oversized componentless pcb's. As they don't have any components in, they're dotted with little holes - perfect for lighting. Then i'll put some clear acrylic over the top for glossiness.

- The watercooling part. This is (hopefully) going to be the crème de la crème of the mod. Everything fully watercooled with copper pipes. As for the coolant, i'm going to leach some of the college's distilled water (sneaky I know, but free!).

- gpu backplate and some fan grills - hopefully when I go back to my old school to collect my practical work I'll be able to use the laser cutter to emboss and cut out some designs biggrin.gif

- Sleeve everything.

- Window (maybe). I might consider doing a window if the inside is good enough to render a window and if I find an easy way of cutting it out without a) making a horrific mess and b) making it look like a horrific mess.
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