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First Gaming PC Build

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Hi Everyone!

I've just built/am building my first gaming pc, I've built a few computers before but this is my first gaming rig!

The bits that matter so far are as follows,

Gigabyte ga-z77-d3h motherboard
2 x 4Gb Kingston HyperX DDR3
Intel i5 3570k with hyper 612S cooler

No graphics card just yet, I have more important things to spend my money on at the minute, I'll get around to it soon though!
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We need more than that, my friend. Please list all of your desired components.
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Yeah i think you need a good 6xx video card to run everything on max, you can even get a i7 930 and spend the money on graphics and then you can call it a gaming computer, what you have listed is not for gaming.
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Max price?
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I know I need a graphics card before it's a gaming computer, but after buying the motherboard, processor, cooler and ram I don't have enough for a graphics card. I have a mortgage, a car and a son that all come higher on the priority list than a graphics card, but it's still a gaming pc build, it's just not complete yet!

I don't have a budget for it really, as I get some spare cash I'll put it aside until I can get a decent graphics card, I'm looking at a hd 6970 at the minute, until then I can still play gta iv at decent resolution with not bad settings at around 25-30fps, not brilliant but not painful either!
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