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This is my first gaming pc build, I've signed up here for some pointers.

The story so far is I'm upgrading my pc into a more or less brand new one! The only original bits so far are case - unbranded but decent cooling, will be getting changed at some point but it's not very high on the to do list, hdd - 1tb sata II, this will probably be the last thing I change, psu - 750w, I can't remember the make but it wasn't the cheapest one I could find! New bits, gigabyte ga-z77-d3h motherboard, 2x4gb kingston hyperx 1600 ram, intel i5 3570k and hyper 612S cooler. No graphics card yet, it's next on the list but I'm still not decided on what to go for, I've been looking at hd 6970's but also gtx 660.

As I'm going I want to make the most of what I have, first up was overclocking the cpu, I had a stable 4.5ghz but I didn't like the temps so took it back down to 4.4ghz, I know the IB processors are known for their high temps, at the minute it hits a max 70c after running prime95 all day.

Now I'm on to the ram, I know it's not the best money can buy, I may change it at some point, but for the time being I want to see what I can get out of it, I've never overclocked ram before but from my research and a bit of tinkering I got it to 2000mhz with 11,11,11,31 (standard 1600mhz is 9,9,9,27) but I'm not sure if it's stable, I can run prime95 with any settings I want all day long but I've had a couple of crashes in gta iv since the overclock, maybe it's not the ram, it could be a coincidence, I'll try it back at standard and see if it still crashes, on the other hand it could be that prime95 isn't stressing it enough, the memory usage in task manager never tops out while running the tests, although all 4 cores stick at 100% as expected. I've tried HCI memtest, 4 instances, free memory in task manager divided by 4 to get the amount of memory for each one, this will also run all day long with no errors. Any other suggestions for this?

Then there's the hd 4000 graphics, I've read that it can be overclocked, but is it worth the effort? I'll probably be using it for another couple of months at least, I'm not expecting miracles from it or anything, but xmas isn't far away and I still need some goodies for my son, so my toys don't come until after!

And finally, is there anything else I could be doing to squeeze a bit more out of it for little or no money?