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New Bios update for gigabyte HD7950 ! - Page 129

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Lol, your asics quality is exactly like the one of my old 7950... wink.gif

Something more - your card is with software locked voltage. F43 will fix it. I was clocking mine to 1200/1700mhz with 1.3V. Well this clocks was only for benches... wink.gif
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uf, i was quite worried mine is somehow screwed up considering other people's scores biggrin.gif OK, is the tutorial i linked right? If so, I am gonna try doing it tongue.gif

Because this scares me a lil bit:
Originally Posted by piotr123 View Post

I've flashed my card step by step as it is in tutorial ( https://litecointalk.org/index.php?topic=2641.0 ) and its not working. I had bios fw0 and flashing went good till it asked to restart and now its not starting even in bios. Do you have any ideas why it happend? My card is GV-R795WF3.

And i have the same bios version, same version of the card
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Well, if your card is really rev. 1, you won't have a problem. Tell me does gpu-z shows VRMs temps? Because rev. 2 does not have vrm sensors and this is the best way to discovere wich rev. Is your card. If you can wait till tomorrow i will send you a link with the guide i was using for reflashing a long time ago...
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Yeah, it does show them, besides I've taken my gpu out of case and it says rev 1.0 so i am 100% sure wink.gif yeah, if u could do so i would be very gratefull, i ll wait
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Ok. When i'll go home tomorrow i will post you the link. It is almost the same like the one you post, but there are some differences. Or if you can't wait, just look for it in this thread. I think was posted it before.
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Hey guys,
my card is GV-R795WF3,too.
I try to flash f43 but my HDMI dosen`t work then redface.gif(
I have the 6+8 Pin card,think it is rev.2 then?!??
The card comes with fx1 bios now i am using fy1...seems that is better as fx1 for me.
What i have with fx1 and fy1 is,that if i use 2 Displays at the same time, i got throttling...Here is gpuz...it shows VRM?
gpuz.gif 26k .gif file
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What do you think which bios is best for me?
My ASIC is 57.1%
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For me, the best one is f43. If the hdmi don't work, connect dvi and reinstall the drivers. It would fix the hdmi prob. But you must be sure your card is rev.1.

Edit: i just show your screen. There are no vrm sensors. Your card must be rev. 1. Stay with fy1or fx1.
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Thank you for fast answer!
i will stay with fy1 then...
do you maybe know,if there is an good modded fy1 bios for me?
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If i remember correct, robnitro was posted some moded bioses. Check this thread.
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