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Q? About IME 1.1 and IME 3.0

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Do they share the same sensor and circuit design ? I don't know why but the 3.0 feel better than the 1.1.


Those are the mice in case you don't know them.
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I've got same feeling about that 2 mice. A lot of people will tell you that it's the same sensor, but in my opinion isn't it. When i've go box version of ime 1.1 on box was some information about sensor and it has 6000fps, not like ime 3.0 9000fps. I sold ime 1.1 if it's will be possible i can share some photo of my box with specification of sensor. I'll try to recover that photo from site where i sold it, but it will be hard.

Sorry for my english smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Skylit View Post

-Internally there was a frame boost after X08 models. 6000>9000. (2.9>4.3mp/s) This can aid in stability at higher polling frames.
1.1 was discontinued in late 10 early 2011. Likely left overs. You can find a lot in of these mice in old office buildings used. (Europe/US)
Might explain that feeling
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Yep that's happening to me.

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Originally Posted by NuFon View Post

Might explain that feeling

My 1.1 is x06, and the 3.0 doesn't have the sticker xd.

The question is, does the 1.1 from steelseries has the sensor updagraded ? (I can buy one at a really low price)
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My legened edition 3.0 feel more controlable than my x08 one in term of tracking, both has the same precision amount of as far as I can tell. altough the LoD on the legened is somehow higher by 0.2 which is very noticeable and almost annoying me.

I had a respawn one a year and half back and it was perfect in any way, expect the typical side buttons and scrollwheel issues. I realized that its lucky to fall on a good-3.0A batch beacause some have thier LED tweak quite strange - some alittle higher LoD and some the way its need-to-be-for-a-3.0 rolleyes.gif

As for feeling I would say that the x08 feels like it made with better plastics, dunno kinda stronger or something like that..better build i guess
Altough the Legened one feels alot better than the respawn I have had
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I'll be grabbind three 3.0's and inform you, one is x06 and the other two I don't have no idea.
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