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HOW TO: Overclock w/ Crossfire Enabled in Multi Montior Configurations

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*This guide if for those people that use crossfire and multi monitor configuations who experience graphical corruption and screen ghosting when overclocking.*

Setting up MSI Afterburner:

Go here for latest copy: MSI Afterburner

Once downloaded install MSI AB program and run it. You should see something like Fig. 1.

FIG. 1

On first start it it will have your stock clocks for your graphics card. Don't touch these just yet, we'll get to that once you set up your program to run correctly on multiple monitor configurations. Go ahead and hit the settings button on the lower right side, your should see FIG. 2 once it pops up.

FIG. 2


Now set up your settings just like I have mine. In my case the HD5870 voltage cannot be controled by any software, only flashing new BIOS. So if yours can be controlled then enable the Voltage Control / Voltage Monitoring. Do not adjust the graphics processor type if you are not sure what your setting is, leave it as it is (Most likely case it is the voltage step increase of your voltage controller). For Crossfire set-ups it is crucial that you have checked the top box that says, "Synchronize settings." Now lets head over to the Fan tab located on the top of the settings.

Fig 2A shows the CCC profile. This is just to show you in my case the voltages are per-programmed into the cards MODE state. Again if you do not own a Vapor-X HD5870 yours may be different.

FIG. 3

Your screen should now look like FIG. 3. Since you are overclocking your cards it would be wise to adjust your fan profile to something suitable to take the excess heat created by the overclock, away from the card. Consult your cards manufacturer for normal operating temps and adjust your fan profile accordingly. It as simple as click on the line and drag. The graph is labeled Temp vs Fan %. Once you are happy with your fan profile make sure the enable user fan control box is checked. Now we can move onto monitoring, click the Monitoring tab on the top.

FIG. 4

Fig. 4 should be what you see on your screen now. I have Photoshopped two images together there to show you what all I have selected. Now this step is only for those who wish to have a small overlay in their games to show them crossfire is working and the levels of each card. If you do not wish to see this in your game then move to next step. As you can see I have 9 options selected to show in game. You can choose your own options of choice. Ones you feel are important or just want to know. You will notice your options don't say in OSD yet. Once checked the option will only show up in the MSI AB graph chart on right side of the program on start up. The item must be checked in order to enable OSD (On Screen Display). Once you have all your options selected go through each one and click the Show in On Screen Display check box. It has to be checked for each individual option so go through everyone that you have checked. once thats done then lets move on to the Profile tab.

FIG. 5

Now you should see Fig. 5 on your screen. This is a very important screen. It allows you to separate your 2D and 3D speeds to prevent the corruption and screen ghosting from just straight overclocking with multiple monitors. On this screen all you have to do is click the drop down on the 2D profile and assign it to Profile 2 and click the drop down on 3D and assign it to Profile 1.

The hot-keys are not needed, I have mine set because during screen capture it was clicked and recorded the keys. It has since been corrected.

Now lets close out of the settings menu. You should again see Fig. 1. This is another important part so pay attention.

You need to assign your stock clocks as they are to Profile 2 by clicking save then Profile 2 button.

Now overclock your card to whatever you know to be a stable overclock, Core & Memory. In my case of the Vapor-X HD5870 I moved mine to 900Mhz / 1300Mhz. Then hit apply. You will see the corruption and screen ghosting on your extended monitor and your desktop this is fine.

(Please use your overclocking principles. Small increments and stress test all overclocks to verify stability.)

Once the clocks are set now hit the save button again and assign it to Profile 1 by clicking the profile 1 button.

If your overclock does not set and hold it may be due to the 2D profile already being set, you may need to temporarily assign the 2D clocks to a empty profile until you set your overclock. Don't forget to reassign it to Profile 2 once you have your overclock set if you changed it.

Last couple steps is to click the User Defined button that has the gear on the right side to activate your user defined fan profile. Select auto making sure that is lit up green, and then click apply overclocking at start up make sure its also green. The overclocking at start up may take a few seconds to enable.

That's it MSI AB is setup.

Important Notes:

I caution you do not ever close out MSI AB with the "X" in the upper right corner it will completely close the program and will not run in the background. Simply hit the minimize button, "-" and it will go down into your tray and run in the background.

Also note crossfire will ONLY work on full-screen 3D applications. Cannot be windowed of any kind.

You will still see graphical corruption and screen ghosting when MSI starts up on windows start and when you are changing from 2D to 3D such as starting or ending a game. This effect is only momentary.

Enabling UnOfficial Overclock in MSI AB

FIG. #1

Open the MSI AB window, should be down in your background programs on the left side of your start bar. Now use the "X" to close the program fully. Now locate your MSI AB folder as pictured in Fig. #1. Once located open the file "MSIAfterburner.cfg" should be the 4th file or so down.

FIG. #2

Now you should see a word document of sorts in front of you. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the document like pictured in Fig. #2.

Next to UnofficalOverclockingMode change the 0 to a 1.

Next to UnofficialOverclockingEULA past the following statement: "I confirm that I am aware of unofficial overclocking limitations and fully understand that MSI will not provide me any support on it" without the quotations.

Save the document and close it. Restart MSI AB you should now see that you can now overclock past the safety limits set by your cards manufacture. USE AT OWN RISK!

Disabling ULPS Guide

I have been told that ULPS messes up most peoples Crossfire setups so were gonna go ahead and disable it for further stability.


First step is to open the registry editor by typing regedit in your search tab on your start menu and hit enter. It should mimic Fig A before you hit enter. You should now see Fig. B.


My path is already open to the right spot so here is the path to get to the right file, (Fig. C).


Once your to your correct folder you may notice your numbers are slightly different. mine range from 0000 - 0002. Yours may start at 1 and end at 3 or you may only have 2 folders. Depends on your setup. Either way you must change the setting in all folders to get this to work. Scroll down on the page and you should see "EnableUlps" and "EnableUlps_NA" like in the center of Fig C. Now take a look at Fig. D for last steps.


Double click each item and enter 0 in value data and hit ok. You should see the Hex code change to all zeros and in the case of the NA option the one should change to a zero.

Once you have done this to BOTH items in ALL folders close regedit and restart your computer.


On restart MSI AB should automatically start in the background. You may see some corruption the moment it starts. This affect only happens when it is changing from 2D to 3D or vice versa.

If you have anything to add please message me and I will try it and add it to the write-up.
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