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Hi guys. Recently I asked a question about what kind of computer speakers I should get on a $100 budget for general music listening/gaming/movies. I was lead to this page:$70/

It looks like a really great setup and seems more versatile than computer speakers would be, but I am new to using amps.
Here is the amp it suggests:

My question is, I have a pretty nice subwoofer already, could this setup make use of the subwoofer? I don't see how I could connect the subwoofer to the mini amp. If a subwoofer would not be compatible with this setup, what would you suggest I replace the mini amp with to make it compatible?

My other question is, how would my computer detect the mini amp and I would be using the 3.5mm jack to connect the two, correct?

Thanks for the help, I apologize for my audio noobyness!