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Advice on upgrading my home network

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I currently have a Netgear FVS318 ProSafe VPN Firewall wired 10Mb switch with a LinkSys WAP54G wireless access point at the other end of the house. My cable modem/router is connected to the WAN port on the switch. I would like to upgrade to gigabit.

I have never used the VPN features of the switch, but the firewall features have been very useful, so I would like the new switch to provide that as well. I'm ok not upgrading the access point (for now, anyway), as it is sufficient for all of my wireless devices, but it would be nice to find one with better wireless bandwidth where multiple connections are concerned. I would also like to find a switch that will accommodate both 10Mb and 1000Mb connections simultaneously, so that the access point doesn't cause all connections to throttle back to 10Mb. The access point is connected to the switch with CAT6. It can't benefit from the higher bandwidth cabling, but when I ran the wiring through my attic, it only made sense to run all CAT6.

Can anyone recommend a reasonably-priced 8-port (plus or including WAN port) gigabit switch?

I would also be interested in hearing about options for a better wireless access point.

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reviewing your request I would like to point out something you are probably not aware of. That device you currently have is not a switch. (Specifically it is a router or Internet gateway which also has a switch attached, but in the IT world we would call it a Firewall or a Router) It is essentially a router. Any device which segregates networks(Broadcast domains) is a router. (Any device that has LAN ports and a dedicated WAN port) in almost all cases will be performing NAT and routing between two networks.

So on the ISP side of the device you may have a or network

Internally where your wired device connect you may be on a different or network.

These two networks cannot communicate with one another directly, so that is the job of this device you have now.

My best advice is search for a Router/Firewall with decent throughout to suit your needs. Also purchase a gigabit switch which has the required number of ports you need.

So two separate devices. I say this because the cost of a firewall with say 4 ports will be more reasonable and easier to attain to purchasing a firewall with 8 ports. When in reality adding a gigabit switch behind that device is much simpler to accomplish.

A comparable replacement to your device with better throughput would be this


In most cases the Modem/Router that comes with your ISP connection has a simple built in firewall already. (Unless you have this device bridged)

If this is so then you might simply just need a gigabit switch.

I have one similar to this model and have been very happy with the throughout thus far.

D-Link gigabit

BTW on most any device today that is a/has a Switch, each port speed (duplex) will be independent from one another so no worries about the 10M throttling the other ports.

Also note that your wireless sits on the ISP modem currently. So I think it is safe to assume that the wireless is actually isolated from your wired internal network. You may consider this when purchasing a device to also include one with a WAP.(Wireless Accept Point) that way you can easily access network resources on say your PC from maybe your mobile device or something of that nature.

I currently have a Juniper SSG5 sitting behind my FiOS modem. This is probably out of your budget they are a few hundred dollars. However, they are very great firewalls that provide VPN and handle many sessions well. (up to 8k concurrent)

Hope this helps,
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