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Originally Posted by HE_WHO_IS View Post

no sir, and there are few options for low-stack 8GB sticks.
there are plenty of good 2X8 options but Samsung tech hasn't yet reached that market
I too am looking for some high-performance 8GB sticks but havent yet found the silver bullet.
I have heard well of the LP corsair vengeance pieces being lenient with timings, not so much with voltage changes though.

If that's the case, I will probably just grab the 2x8 Patriot sticks that are pretty cheap on NCIX right now. I'm not trying to set any OC records here, probably just going to set it to the highest comfortable automatic setting through the ASRock UEFI. I had my fun with my e4500 back in the day, just looking for something more powerful but stable.
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Just wanted to update you all on my final selections:

I took absolute full advantage of eBay's 20% bucks back deal right now and will hold off on the monitor until January, which is fine because my program doesn't start until then anyway and at that point there will likely be at least one US manufacturer selling the Korean monitors via eBay. Here's the final list shipped after the Bucks and associated deals (I won't see the discount though until I make the monitor purchase in January):

Intel Core i7 3750K - $184
Antec Kuhler 620 Liquid Cooling System- $52
ASRock Z77E-ITX - $128
16GB DDR3-1600 Mushkin Enhanced Blackline - $46
EVGA GTX 670 - $304
128GB Mushkin Enhanced Chronos SSD - $68
Silverstone SG05 w/450w PSU - $89

Total: $879 plus Monitor

Overall, I think it's a killer deal considering the amount of power in this system and I also went with the Mushkin to keep the HyperX in my laptop and am using my old 320GB laptop drive as external storage.
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