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This is supposed to be a REPLY to this thread, somehow it ended up as a new thread. Either way if anyone knows what's up, please let me know!

Just got an Auria EQ276W 27" IPS LED Monitor home from MicroCenter. Windows 7 identifies this monitor as a "BOEVT Co.,LTD. - Display - Boevt Terra2760WLED."

Win7 also refuses to run the panel above 16-bit 1920x1080, even with a Dual-DVI connection. The Nvidia Control Panel identifies the monitor as "TBD."

Someone in another post said this monitor is not glossy at all, mine is very glossy, lots of reflections.

Definitely side-lit because I can see the light sources glowing along the edges. Black levels are only average in a dark room.

What does everyone else see identified in the display control panel?

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