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Replacement fans for Cosmos II

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Hello OC!

I've just acquired a Cosmos II case with the revised fan controller (black PCB). However, the stock fans are making a droning noise that is driving me insane. I wasn't sure at first what it was in my computer that was causing the noise and after an hour of removing things one by one (even changing the power supply), I pulled the plugs of all the fans in the case and discovered the issue.

It's difficult to describe but the droning noise isn't constant. It has intervals where the noise changes tone and loudness and it quite honestly grates on the nerves.

I would like to replace the stock fans included to see if this will fix the issue, however am unsure of what fans to purchase. I was thinking along the lines of the new Corsair AF Quiet Edition fans as they come with a 3 pin power connector which will fit the Cosmos 2's 3 pin male fan controller connectors. Does anybody have any experience with this?

Also, what would you recommend as a replacement for the front 200mm fan? That one seems to be the loudest of the bunch. Preferably one which will fit the Cosmos 2's existing fan controller connectors.

Many thanks.
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Have you checked that the problem doesn't lie with the fan controller?
Do you have the new controller PCB or the old one? You can tell if you have the new one if it has a black pcb, where as the old one had a green pcb.
It was reported that the old controller would make the fans tick/make the led flash at certain speeds.
I have an old controller but do not use it as the led connecter is the opposite of the industry standard (if there is one) for led connectors, and lacks the sort of control i would like (more than just 3 speeds and the annoying beeping from pressing the buttons).
Other than that any fan will be able to connect to the controller if it has a female fan connecter/header.

I would imagine that quite a few people have implemented Corsair fans into the case, however im moving towards an all Bitfenix/Couger fan setup in mine. I currently have swapped out the front 200mm fan for a Bitfenix Spectre Pro Red LED 200mm fan and that works very well.
I have also moved the standard 200mm to behind the top HDD cage to pull air through the cage onto the GPU/s and motherboard.
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The fan controller is the revised edition with the black PCB. The all-black cabling is also consistent with the new fan controller.

Thanks for the information, Tweetbix! I'll go with the Corsair AF 140mm fans to replace every fan in the case and see how the sound goes.
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Verdict on the Corsair AF140 fans and the new black PCB Cosmos II fan controller?


The buzzing that resulted was absolutely horrendous. I installed 5 of the fans and each one was making a buzzing noise. You could hear the noise from one side of my house to the other.

I gave up on using the stock fan controller and purchased a Lamptron FC-9. The Corsair AF140's are now running fabulously. For such an expensive case, I expected a little more.
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Yeah the case's fan controller is really embarrassing. I use an 8 channel one now and I've unplugged that heap of cabling from the fan controller.
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