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Any suggestions for replacing the Omron D2FC-F-7N?

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I live in China and know some Chinese sellers. I am shopping for micro switches to replace the Omron D2FC-F-7N in my Razer Imperator. I had tries some other micro switches listed below:

1. Cherry DG2 T85---Disliked because it is too soft
2.Cherry DG1/DG2 T85 (150g)---I liked it a lot but it is too hard to click and can decrease the accuracy when u r playing FPS. frown.gif
3. Cherry DG1/DG2 (150g)---Disliked because it is even harder to click than the DG2 T85.

OK that's all of the switches I've tried and they are not so perfect. Some of the Chinese sellers suggested these to me and I want to know more about it and what will be your choice... Thanks smile.gif

1.Cherry DG2(Green Base and white button, 75g). They said it is one of the best and it costs about $2.5
2.Omron D2F-F-3-7(Another one of the best switches. I would love to try but I am not so sure. $2.5 each.
3.Omron D2FC-F-NH(Chinese version of the D2F-F-3-7) There comes the question: Does any1 knows what's the difference between these 2 kinds of switches? About life cycles and the feel when u click it? etc.) about $1.2 each.
4.And finally something special. It is a Panasonic with a green button. Personally I had never heard anything about it and never knew what the hell is that but they say it is even better than the Omron D2F-F-3-7 and it is $3 each. I cannot find any info about it(even in Panasonic's website). Can any1 share some info?

And plz tell me what's your overall choice and why... if u have other suggestions plz tell me as well.. Thanks a lot! biggrin.gif
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I just saw the pic and I think it says the model number of the Panasonic switch is AH19167 but I couldn't find anything about it.
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Originally Posted by avinin1 View Post

Do you mean the Omron D2F-FL?
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DG23C1AA. (0.05A,30VDC) 75g. Low life cycle rating, but the switch I was able to source from a 3rd party re-seller felt nice. (Installed in DA BLK)

Too bad switches in general aren't linear across production. Different batch, different feel etc.. Varies.
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Originally Posted by omareljindi View Post

Do you mean the Omron D2F-FL?
Omron D2F-01FL
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You don't need the "FL" version. FL denotes that it has a little lever on it that will probably not work with your mouse. You can simply just rip the lever off though.

I agree though. D2F-01F. When in doubt, go with the Japanese-made version. I stuck them in my Steelseries Kana and Zowie EC2 Evo and they are divine.
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Implying it's actually made in japan ^^
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