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hey yal,
wanted to share my janky water loop with you guys. thumb.gif

the loop was 1x h100 and 2x h70s (1 on each gtx460) but after doing some testing i came to the personal conclusion that the square blocks from corsair (H60,80,100) are just horrendously terrible performers. Not so much the case with the Antec series and the limited H70 (out of production now) these i have found to flow a decent bit better. And if you mod them...well its definitely worth the time as the price is super super SUPER cheap (when compared to the xspc kits our any custom loop)

Yea you lose your warranty, but you dont get that with a custom loop anyways....and we all have seen the trouble one has to go through to even GET corsair to fork it over. so to me: "why bother..." and yes these will not do what a huge loop setup will do, but they do better then i think most people assume.

the only modifications i have done to these kits is replace the stock tubes with homedepot 1/4" tubing and lapped the copper block with 1500&2k grit sand paper. I have also lapped my CPU (amd 1090T). Im using cheap crap Dynex thermal paste from bestbuy.

i am currently playing around with different loop setups: no res + 3 rads, res + 2 rads, res + 1x 240mm rad, so on and so forth.
going to try as many different layouts as i can think of to get the most optimal flow and temps out of the cheap-o setup.

I am using 8hrs on small primes to load down cpu and get it cooking. I dont like using Large as alot of ppl tell me it just eats Thubans up and isnt good for them.(if this is wrong someone let me know)

my first test was a couple nights ago. This was Res-> CPU -> GPU -> 240 rad.

i was pretty happy with the results. in my eyes 43*c is still pretty decent max temp. and in "the real world" i really doubt unless i start folding on this rig or benching alot, i will ever see that temp again.

My next setup was res-less. some other corsair mods i have seen have had better performance using this method so i thought i would give it a go seeing as the rads that come with these kits have reservoirs in them.
Running no reservoir is a pita to bleed the system. The easiest way i found to do this was to not connect the entire loop up at once. I connected piece by piece, purging each line before connecting it to the next. this was a bit messy but i have enough micro towels to choke a couple elephants so i just layed them down everywhere around my electronics and all was safe and sound.
*note: i have a T valve at the highest point in the system running open atm to help bleed out any leftover air*

This setup is 240rad-> CPU-> 120rad ->GPU ->back to 240

i just ran small primes on it for an hour and it hit 39*c very quickyl.....found one of my mounting holes for the corsair cooler bracket was stripped out madsmiley.png . fortunately i have a couple extras laying around so i replaced it, remounted the h70 on cpu and checked fitment this time and started testing again.

the system rose back up to 39*c but then just held steady...forever. I let it run for several hours and it held its ground @ 39*c.
forgot to do a proper print screen of the testing...GAH!! but heres temps for ya

my next test will most likely be to add the reservoir into the current setup to see if it helps/hurts performance and then work my way on from that. I am also picking up 1 of each of the antec series of coolers in the next couple weeks and will be sharing my progress with those with you all when the time comes.

i know when i first started here on OCN this was looked at as just silly and money wasted in a crappy investment....
these arent ground breaking numbers by any means but i hope a little street cred can be given to anyone modding these (i know im not the only one here) and to the little coolers themselves. thumb.gif
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