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Thats fairly common, and unfortunately you picked a really complicated board for a first-time overclocker. That board has a lot of settings available for an experienced user, like the X58-OC before it, but it is very very picky for someone who is trying to learn the ropes. Sin0822 wrote some really good threads on using it HERE. and HERE.

Yeah, heh. Funny thing about the board is that I found it randomly on eBay, and I proceeded to Google it. It seemed like a top of the line board, and was really expensive. The guy who was selling it on eBay had it BIN for half the retail price, so I just bought it on impulse. I just thought to myself, "Hey, it's pretty expensive, so it must be good".

Back on topic, I ran the prime95 test for 12 hours with no BSOD/errors. My temps seem to have normalized also; I think the reason they were pretty high yesterday while idle was because I had just overclocked the CPU minutes before.

Another question: The voltage seems to fluctuate between 1.344, 1.356, and 1.368 on CPU-Z. Is that normal? The Vcore was set to 1.37 in BIOS. It never fluctuated in CPU-Z before the OC.
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