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I'm flattered about the half dozen pm's smile.gif

I'll say this. I'm still a full time engineer and I love it. I do stocks on the side. Here's my saying you need money to make money!!! Without my full time job...I couldn't only rely on stocks alone. There's always ups and downs, and trust me the downs hurt.

There is one golden rule of investing, if you think of it that you should always follow. Never invest money you cannot afford to lose. Investing is not saving. Like I said before...You need money to make money. I'll explain the difference between saving and investing.
Saving is money you put aside that is kept in cash that you can access for emergency needs.
Investing is the process of putting your money to work making even more money for you.

For the new people that want to get involved...make sure you have all your debts payed off before investing. This way to have the peace of mind you don't owe anything. Theirs a few ways into it. Get a stock broker or go on your own. I would suggest going with a broker first to learn the basics and see what are you getting yourself into, plus they do most of the homework for you and start small. I started with $1000. You can easily start with $100 no problem.

I remember when I first got in, I got myself into mutual funds and bonds. This is a great way to start investing.

Always do your research about the company or what your going to invest in. I always look at the last 6 months minimum of their financials.

Never invest in something you don't understand. That's where the research comes handy.

Whats your goals long term or short term. This will show how aggressive or passive you should be toward the market.

Know the market...always keep track of your stocks!!!

Build up your portfolio...always diversify. Don't put your eggs in one basket!!!

There are plenty of sector, take a look at all of them.

Basic Materials
Capital Goods
Consumer Cyclical
Health Care

I hope these little tips help out smile.gif

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If only you sold all of them about a week ago and bought more today biggrin.gif
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Yea that would be awesome lol. Sell 335 shares at $750, and buy them right back the next morning at $675. The next week they'll be back over $700 again. biggrin.gif Unlimited money troll logic. Problem?

I'm not 100% sure but that could be insider trading and an investigation would soon happen...your dumping a lot of shares just to buy the same shares a few days/week later...
As one of the few things that can make me earn money at my location and age, rep+.

EDIT: Few, not only. wink.gif