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Hi Folks

Re: HAF X. Full Tower. Extra Case Fan(s). 200mm x 30mm.

I’m new to all of this and am unsure if my post will make sense. Apologies if this should have been posted in the Case forum.

I’ve ordered a new bespoke PC and I have an option to have extra fans installed; but I must supply them and the company has to install them (at no extra cost) because of warranty conditions. I think that it might be a good idea to have a second fan installed in the top of the case? I can even request to have the stock fan that is already there (there are two fan slots, but only one is occupied) replaced with a different fan of my own choosing.

I understand though that rifle or sleeve bearing fans which lie on their ‘side’ are inferior to fluid dynamic bearing type fans? That FDB type fans also tend to be a little quieter too?

However, I can’t find a fan which is both the right size (200mm x 30mm) and which is also FDB. I’ve looked at fans by Cooler Master, NZXT , BitFenix, Xigmatex and others, but they all seem to be either the wrong size or the wrong bearing type.

Assuming that extra fans are a good idea, can anyone recommend where I can find one (or two) for this case?

Kind Regards
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