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Noiseblocker B12-S3 (Eloop fan) vs. M12-S3HS review

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Noiseblocker recently released a new line of fans called the B12 series, also known as Eloop. They set themselves apart by using fan blades that are attached to one another and Noiseblocker's new bearing. They drew my interest and since I wanted to buy some new fans anyway, I decided to put them head-to-head to Noiseblocker's old top of the line fan the M12 series. For more information see: [=http://www.overclock.net/t/1289723/noiseblocker-nb-eloop-120mm-bionic-loop-propeller-fans][/]
Ok so both the B12-S3 (1900rpm, also know as Eloop) and the M12-S3HS (1800rpm, multiframe series) arrived today. I'll make a proper review later on, but here are my first impressions, all done in a free-flow environment.
When I first plugged the B12-S3 I was kind of taken aback, in a positive way. I could not hear it from 20cm away, mind you that was with the other fans in my case (which are almost obnoxiously loud) on. But even with my ear right next to it I could'nt hear that much noise. Especially for a 1900rpm fan, I think that is impressive.
Then I plugged in the M12-S3HS. This fan made more noise of a more annoying (higher) frequency. It is still not loud, but where the B12 was very inobtrusive the M12 was much more noticable when compared to the B12.
Then I routed the fan cable to another room which was pretty much silent. And the difference became more noticable. Both were audible from 1m away, but the B12 only barely, whereas you could hear the M12 quite well. I do not know if they operated at the same rpm though, because there are stories that the Eloop fans have a lower than rated rpm. I will test this later (and also test them at the same rpm), but I do not have a fan controller right now.
Finally I used a low voltage adapter to lower the fan to 7 volts. The eloop became practically silent whereas the M12 started to produce a ticking noise which was quite audible. It was there at 12 volts as well, but you could barely hear it.
One thing about the B12 fans is that they do seem to vibrate a bit more than the M12 fans, at least when standing on the ground, but that might be because the M12 is standing on rubber while the B12 is standing on the plastice frame. So the vibrating might not be present when attached to a chassis.
When air flow is taking into consideration, I have no scientific way to measure it, but the incredibly accurate "let-the-fan-blow-in-your-face"-method revealed no significant differences between the two fans at 12 or 7 volts.
So far I think I'll buy another B12 S3 and sell the M12
More to follow when my chassis arrives and this weekend I'll test them attached to a fan controller at afriend's house.

Update: I tested both of the fans on a fan controller and I could also compare them to my friend's Scythe fans. The B12 does spin a lot lower than it is rated. It is rated for 1900rpm and spun at only 1530rpm. The M12 fan also spun lower than rated, namely 16xx rpm (can't remember the exact value) instead of the rated 1800rpm. So while the B12 fan should be the stronger fan, it is the M12 that wins in the rpm department. I have to add that accordingto Noiseblocker the rpm will increase after using it for a while, something which I haven't been able to test.

So I decided to let them both spin at 1530rpm. The difference in sound between was a lot less pronounced, but the clicking on the M12 is present at every voltage lower than 12, I can now confirm. But even aside from the clicking, the B12 fan has a sound profile that is as smooth as butter, whereas the M12 seems to have some spikes in the higher frequencies. At the same rpm the M12 is perhaps a bit louder, but of course there still is the clicking which makes the difference a bit bigger. Though honestly they are both great fans. Compared to the Scythe fans (again at the same rpm) it is quite a big difference indeed.

The air flow between the models seems to be practically the same, so that doesn't tip the scales.

In short: I can wholeheartedly recommend both fans, but if I have to pick a favourite it has to be the B12 because it sounds so pleasant. But as I said before they will make a lot of noise when used as a pull fan. So I would recommend the B12 for pushing air and the M12 for pulling air to filters and radiators. I will also test this myself when I get my case. Should be in a couple of days.
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(reserved for pictures)
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Thanks for this. I am trying to decide between the eLoop and the Multiframes myself. The ability to undervolt without making weird noises is a huge plus.
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I don't know if the clicking noises are present at other voltages then 7 volts as well right now, I should be able to test them on a fan controller tomorrow.

I believe the Eloop fans have a lower start up voltage as well, so that might interest you (don't have the packaging with me right now, but I'll check it when I get back home)
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Had a look at the boxes and according to Noiseblocker their M12 fans have a startup voltage of 4.5v and their B12 fans have a startup voltage of 3.4v. May be something to consider.
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Added tests with a fan controller to the first post.
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Thanks for the update!
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I did a little test on the side panel of my old case (CM690) which doesn't have any fan filters for the fan mounts it just sucks air through drilled holes. I can confirm that you should not use these to pull air through something. It starts making a really high pitched noise and becomes more than twice as loud compared to when it is installed as an exhaust. So you should keep in mind that the intake side of the fan needs a little room to breathe, sort to speak.
I just hope it will have enough room as a front intake in my new case.
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I have an Eloop S2 arriving today. Looking forward to it.
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