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It def is a steal considering what it offers, and I would really see no need to OC past what an on-board feature could give such as Asrocks. It has lower power consumption than the newly released Vishera chips AMD offers as well as less than my 95w FX-4100 which is considerably to slow for my needs now that I am heavy into Planetside 2.

I have told myself hundreds of times that I will have the AM3+ setup to OC and play with once I grab the intel setup so I can still feel like I belong on OC.net lol.
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Originally Posted by mdocod View Post

Hi Dirkonis,
If you build the rig on an ASRock board, you should be able to clock the E3-1230 V2 up to 3.7-4.1GHZ using the non-K OC feature, which is just a sort of turbo-boost hat trick that most of the late gen 1155 ASRock boards now support on the latest BIOS update. I assume it would work on the E3 series chips since it works on the non-K consumer chips.
The 1230V2 is a steal at ~$245 if you can live without the "K." I'd say get it at that price while you can, as it seems like the E3 V2 chips are going up in price as of late. Probably the result of increased demand as the market is "discovering" these high value chips. The 69W $245 E3-1230V2 is outperforming the 95W $425 E5-2620 hexa.


I've been looking to upgrade for months and just purchased this chip...coming from an AMD 965BE which has served me well, but I feel its EOL...... still pushes the fps well enough with a beastly GPU, but I have that upgrade urge ;-)... maybe I could have waited a year.......oh well...no regrets, right?!

I decided to chime in, because this chip can be had for ~$220 shipped right now on superbiiz.com...that's retail box... they have a $10 off coupon on the front page.. it was actually $217 shipped last week, but I hesitated.
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duh...I was talking about the e3-1230v2.....thumb.gif
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Any help or opinion is a good thing and that find is awesome. I will have to pick one up early, heck tomorrow it is. I however just talked my buddy into buying one for the new rig I am building for him. After I showed him the specs/comparisons he couldn't resist. He told me I could bench the heck out of if it as well. I wanna see what this thing can do vs a 3770 non-k. I think for the price it will easily be a better option,

Thanks for the find! +1
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you're welcome..... I googled quite a bit...I was hoping to see the usual benchmarks etc, but there isn't much available on the 1230v2...I think the only thing I could find comparing the i5 3570 and i7 3770 was on ?futuremark? or ?passmark?...it was just a tad under the 3770 as someone previously stated..One other person benched it against other xeons, but the info was beyond my comprehension ;-)...I'm sure people would love to see your results.
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I installed the e3 1230v2 about 5 days ago...

Upgraded from an AMD 965be..

Handbrake is much faster. I'd say atleast 3X faster.

The CPU temp maxes out at 50C under heavy load with a Corsair H60. I just used old Tim I had in a drawer.. Might be better if I had used a quality product???
The CPU turbo boosts to 3.7ghz and just says there at 3.7

Games - battlefield 3 I previously had min fps of 45fps with high / ultra settings and MSAA off. Now MSAA 4X added I get min FPS of 60fps...
Only other taxing game I tried was Metro 2033.. It's now silky smooth.

I figure the total upgrade cost after selling the previous parts was about $200.

Was it worth the upgrade??? It's honestly not worlds different from the AMD chip, but I'm happy with the results.. I feel the cost for added performance is justified.
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