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Am I correct in thinking that I can hook one of the monitors up with the VGA cable using a VGA>DVI adaptor
and then the other with a straight up DVI to DVI cable? which I will have to purchase once I figure this out

thats the right way to set it up, i have a hd 6870 and i'm running dual monitors, with no problems at all, the only thing is i'll soon have to replace one of my monitors with one that matches my other one(which is an acer 1600x900 native). my other monitor is a venturer lcd tv, when i get another acer i'll be able to raise my resolution, right now i'm at 2048x768, when i get another matching acer i'll be able to have 3200x900. i'll probably get another hd 6870 to crossfire as well, but cash is a little tight right about now, good luck with your setup,, btw,, this is the only way i'll play bf3 anymore, 60+ fps, your gonna love when you get it all setup.......biggrin.gif