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Advice on potential replacement for this rig

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CPU Q9550 corespeed: 2.83 RAM 4 gig DDR2 Samsung

Monitor Samsung syncmaster 245BW Case Antec 900

Motherboard ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo

Hard Drive Hitachi 500 gig, WD 150 gig Raptor, WD320 gig

Graphics EVGA 8800 GTX

OS win 7 Pro 64 bit

Power Seasonic 750 watt

The above listed specs are a bit dated, but it is still working well and I am thinking of selling it to a coworker and replacing it with a more fresh system. I opted out of getting SLI last time and am thinking it is or will be interesting to do a SLI setup this time. The primary functions of this will be surfing the net, watching videos and movies Streaming or otherwise downloaded, Playing games, MMO or non online oriented games as a backup for main machine or make this a main machine and put other as backup....

What I am thinking is similar to the following.
CPU Intel I7 Sandy or Ivy bridge

HDD ASRock Fatality or something moderate from ASUS which will do SLI.

Graphics Nvidia 660 (2)

SSD Samsung or crucial in the 250 gig range, WD 500 gig range

Power 750 watt Antec or something else????

Ram Corsair 8 gig 2x4gig strips

Case HAF style

thanks in advance
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I'd go for an i5 Ivy over an i7, you'll save about $100 and loosing hyper threading won't affect you unless you use you highly threaded workloads like video encoding or something like that.

Also, this memory is cheap, and it's one of the best overclockers out there. Some people are getting 2600+ on them.


You can sometimes find a good open box Z77 board for cheap. Newegg had the $200 Asus Maximus V Gene for $139 yesterday so maybe check out open box deals.


For a SSD I'd suggest sticking with Crucial, Plextor, or Samsung for reliability, but that's just me. SSD's go on sale a lot, so only buy them while they're on sale. I usually price match at NCIX or wait for a Shell Shocker or promotional code.


Good luck with your build, looking forward to seeing it when it's done. :)

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