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Suitability of a SEASONIC X660W - in a Silverstone TJ08-e

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I am considering buying a Silverstone TJ08B-e case - in which to fit a Seasonic X660W Power Supply, an ASUS P8Z77-M PRO and an i5 3570K which I already have. I have seen a Review that suggested fitting the Power supply with the fan at the bottom, while others show during build photos that the PS fan is at the top. If fitted toward the bottom, as it is a "Positive Pressure air flow case, the fan would surely draw warm air into the Power Supply from the case instead of cold air via the top grill ??. Or, is the Power Supply compartment completely sealed at the bottom ?? - A detail that PHOTOS OR SPECS DO NOT SHOW. Additionally, the Seasonic X Series fan would not be working until 20 degrees C. My concern is whether the case is actually suitable for the Seasonic X Series that has the fan initially inoperative. I imagine that others have fitted this Power Supply in a TJ08-e ??. I would appreciate if they could advise their experiences and general temperatures.
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For the info of other TJ08B-e uses..... should they be interested.

Normally, I would assess the potential airflow and make my own assessment - which is why I posted this question here because I cannot figure HOW positioning the Power supply with the fan at the bottom as per the Silverstone TJ08-e manual, is correct for this case. In the absence of replies, I emailed Silverstone directly and I am not entirely surprised by their answer. In short , ......They have replied stating that their manual is incorrect. THAT IS THE POWER SUPPLY SHOULD HAVE THE FAN FACING UPWARDS - NOT DOWN AS STATED IN THEIR MANUAL.

Copy of their reply:

Thank you very much for purchasing SilverStone.

We’re sorry that TJ08-E’s manual was wrong, please install your Seasonic X660 with its fan facing top.

Thank you for remind us about this, we will correct this mistake immediately.

Best Regards,

SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.

SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd.
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either way, it doesn't really matter. the amount of air that is drawn by the PSU needed for cooling is insignificant relative to the AP181 intake CFM. even if it did draw hot air in, you'd only run into a possible heat issues if you were running SLi/Xfire and the 2nd GPU is butt up against the PSU intake fan. in that situation, then you'd be better off getting the reference design GPU where it's external exhaust. (which you should anyway regardless of where the fan is pointed on the PSU)

something as high quality as the seasonic X is designed to operate at 50C. there is no way you'd run into an overheating issue with that PSU in the TJ08-E since if the inside of your case ever reach 50C, you have MUCH bigger problems then just the PSU biggrin.gif (your house might be on fire biggrin.gif )
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A Seasonic may well be able to sustain 50C but the fan would be operating full blast which I do not want to hear. If the Unit is kept under 20C the fan will not start and thereby not contribute to any unwanted additional fan noise. Todate , I have never heard the PS fan which has never started - so obviously it has never approached 20C and has remained nice and cool without any excess noise.
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hehe you kinda just proved my point. if the fan never even started spinning, then it doesn't really matter which direction it was pointed in the 1st place biggrin.gif my seasonic always spin (S12 model so not as high quality as the X series) and it's still not audible unless i put my ear right up to the PSU.

people need to realize when you buy the best, it's OK to expect the best biggrin.gif
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