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Hello fellow Nexus 7 Users!

I just wanted to share my experiences using the Nexus 7 as a phone. I have been using GrooVe IP with Google Voice every day. Download it from the Play store and get the paid version from snrb labs. Set up your Google Voice number and take your time choosing the number you want. Just follow the is super easy and works great! Google Voice needs a home or other mobile number to set it up. They call the number in the be ready with your phone. I actually used this as my phone from a hotel WiFi on a business trip. Voice mail is transcribed, (not always well) into text and shows up in the Google Voice widget. You get voice recordings in your music files, marked as "unknown" and also in Google Voice. NO DATA CHARGES. Be careful to choose the GrooVe IP icon to make calls and not Google Voice. It is synced with your contacts and you can access them from within the app.

Snrb Labs have a call forwarder for 99¢. I may try that next. Phones ring both on your home phone (or mobile) you use to set up Google Voice but voice mail goes to Google Voice... NOT the home phone voice mail. (I have Comcast) . Some are reportedly using Magic Jacks numbers.

Hope this helps.