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Upgrading my Rig, Advice Welcomed

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Hi everyone,

So I'm a new user here, have been reading for a while just not beginning to be more active with my rig and consequently this terrific site.

That being said I have decided to upgrade my rig beginning with my new Case, my switch 810 should be here sometime today (can't wait for it)

The next component I am planning on upgrading is my RAM. Currently I am using 2x2GB Ripjaws X 1600 at 7-8-7-24. I am looking to upgrade

to more memory without sacrificing speed. My limitation, to my knowledge will be my processor.

I have an i5-2400 currently hitting 3.7GHz. My motherboard, Asus Maximus IV Gene Z Gen 3 supports ram up to 2200, however I am unsure if

processor would be able to handle that. I know SB formally supports up to 1333, but I am also aware that it can handle more.

The rest of my components include EVGA's 670 FTW, OCZ Vertex 3 SSD for the OS and 2 Seagate 3TB HDD's storage powered by a corsair


I was wondering what people recommend as far as amount of GB's and speed/timings. My initial thought was 16GB's of 1866 CL8.

I do enjoy Gaming when I am not busy with CAD drawings and MonteCarlo simulations.

Thank you! I look forward to any and all help! biggrin.gif
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This would definitely be great:


Or you can go with 2 modules:


DDR3-1866 is roughly the max that CPU can support.

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I'd say if you want to upgrade RAM, go Samsung (unless you really weant 2x8Gbs), these are by far the best pieces you can pick up right now! Check out the Samsung thread, these babies tighten up and OC like crazy at 1.5V!
(If you need 16gb and don't mind 4 sticks, buy two.).
seriously, read the thread about OCing them or whatever and you will not find an unsatisfied OCNer.

What cooling are you using on your 2400? I don't know the limits on these chips but may be in your interest getting a semi-decent cooler if it's getting a little warm (one that will be able to go on your next upgrade if you get the itch)

Assuming your IV GENE is the z68 board, I would try and get some awesome SATA 6Gb drives.

I haven't researched the newer Intel SSDs yet, but from my ancient knowledge of 2 months ago, Samsung 830s are extremely fast boot drives, whereas Crucial M4s are application drives.
M4s are getting cheaper, they are always having discount codes and such for them on newegg and amazon is matching normally. Keep an eye out for under $200 on 256gb M4s.
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thank you for your quick input!

timisyourfriend, I have been eyeballing those two sets for a while, just have not been able to get a definitive answer on if my processor would be able to utilize them.

Samurai, I am looking into the samsung ram now, with stock voltages at 1.35 looks like they have a lot of room to play biggrin.gif Do you have experience with them? I have only used g.skill in the two rigs I have built, my current one and then one for my parents, and love their customer service, helpful and quick.

currently I am using the stock cpu cooler. I am planning to eventually liquid cool with a full loop, but in the mean time (based on current limited college student budget) using a closed loop system such as the H100, a buddy of mine has it and he really enjoys it.

you are correct that the board is the z68, and I really love it, even tho it is only mATX, my SSD and one of the HDD's are using the SATAIII ports, it is a bummer the board did not include more of them.

As for upgrading the processor in time, i'm looking at the haswell or broadwell from intel, decided to skip the tock of Ivy and wait for the next tick.
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