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I have installed windows 7 32bit on other hard disk, at the end of installation, i put the latest reanesas driver, the problem is the same.
I don't have other usb 3.0 key or hard disk for test.
I don't know if the problem is the motherboard or the lexar key. But in other pc the lexar key works in usb 3.0...
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I have test another usb 3.0 periferic, an usb 3.0 verbatim hard disk, and the poblem is the same.
At this point, is it the motherboard?
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Hi guys,
I tried to load the default settings in the bios, removing my profile overclocking (which I temporarily saved) and USB 3.0 seem to work.
I took photographs bios to default to control it with what my custom overclocking, and practically does not change much if not only the voltages and some settings of the CPU.
But what about the usb, the screens are identical in both the bios.

with the bios by default usb 3.0 work,
with my custom bios no.

What could it be?
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Post some pictures of your settings. Maybe you're changing something that is necessary for USB 3.0 to function properly.
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This are the screens of my custom bios:
img0885nb.th.jpg img0886cw.th.jpg img0887xm.th.jpg img0888eo.th.jpg
img0889ak.th.jpg img0890sbs.th.jpg img0891ff.th.jpg img0892bz.th.jpg img0894k.th.jpg
img0895qu.th.jpg img0896xy.th.jpg
img0897ri.th.jpg img0898s.th.jpg
img0899xz.th.jpg[/URL img0900f.th.jpg
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This are default setting
img0869n.th.jpg img0868oi.th.jpg img0870my.th.jpg
img0871rd.th.jpg img0872zw.th.jpg img0873o.th.jpg
img0874ug.th.jpg img0875l.th.jpg img0876xw.th.jpg img0877g.th.jpg
img0878az.th.jpg img0879ai.th.jpg img0880yc.th.jpg
img0881db.th.jpg img0882at.th.jpg
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Change PCIE Frequency to 100 and see if that helps. What video card(s) are you using?
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My sistem is:

Motherboard: p6x58d Premium
Cpu:i7 920 @ 4.2Ghz,
HeatSink: Noctua Nh-d14
Ram: 3*2gb Dominator 1600Mhz cl8
Vga: Cross 6950@6970
Alim: Corsair 950W,Hdd: 1*500Gb - 1*200Gb 1*1Tb Western Digital.

i test the pci at 100...
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i'have test the usb 3.0 with the pci express at 100Mhz, and seem that they work correctly.
The message "the device can run faster" does not appear.
But why the pci express speed affect the functioning of usb 3.0?

I'have test with crystal disk mark the speed and i have got:
Usb 2.0

Usb 3.0

The speed are in line with other usb 3.0 key?
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Most things are tied to the PCIe bus, as shown here:


So if you raise it too high (100 MHz being the norm) it will cause some devices to become unreponsive. I know that SATA hard drives are notrious for this. That is why extreme overclockers like IDE controllers since they bypass that issue.
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