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ASUS VS248H Issue?

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I just picked up one of these beauties the other week, and was planning to buy another two. (To replace my old old LG's).

Just wanting to know from the users here that have this monitor. Do you find that you lose display for about 4-5 seconds whenever you Alt-Tab or launch a Game? It seems as if it's changing resolution, yet all the games are the same as the desktop. This also only occurs in the DVI and HDMI ports. (When using a miniDP to DVI adapter, the issue doesn't occur.)

Swapped graphic cards, old monitors didn't do this either. + when setting Windows to 59Hz the issue doesn't occur on all games like it does with 60hz, but will still get a few games that do it. Extremely annoying when I Alt-Tab a lot.
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Personally I suggest splurging an extra $100 and getting one Asus PA248Q and a second VS248H.
It's the same size, but it's an IPS. That way you have one with better color and better viewing angle, especially nice for watching movies. I got my girlfriend the 23" version of it, and it's so so so much nicer to watch movies off of if you're not sitting at the computer.
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Looking at about $450 here in Australia. Good suggestion if I put the two VS248 in the mini DisplayPort and the one you recommended into the DVI.

However the VS248 seems quiet common and I've only ever found two posts on the internet with this issue, which makes me think its just a dodgy monitor. Thus trying to see if anyone else has this issue with their VS248.

ASUS tend to close my tickets and shrug it off.
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