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Gday guys

17.5K views (OCAU) and 6.5K here, beauty bottler! thumb.gif

Well xmas / birthday and new year over with. As anticipated I have landed some cash.

Have just bought 3770k, 16gb of 2400ddr3, 2tb Toshi and a 240gb sandisk sdd.

If it isn't too hot in the shed tomoz' I might get the case out for some prep. Instal meshn in the side scoops install board, psu and cabling.

During the break I picked up a bargain 19" benq ws lcd of gumtree for $20
I can now set up in shed without gpu and test install before starting water.

Also found a gen Win8 pro for $50 delivered of fleabay.

So some progress is being made though slow.

Getting nervous and would really like to get me some full time work soon.

Cheers Bob
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Started the cabling and ****! Lucky I put a cable sump in. I honestly don't know how you could do it tidy without it. It would defiantly be better if you sleeve mod the leads instead of extensions. I was thinking of caning the extensions since I won't be using a window, but I bought them so may as well use them.

I might get some pics of this cable explosion later. I have all the fans connected to 12v on the distribution board and the side scoop fans will be on 7v. I will hook up my Phobyia 12v molex source and test out what the noise factor is and adjust accordingly.

Really am getting anxious. Not so much when the gear turns up and I test set up on air, but when I move to water and have to crack open the GTX690. I should be confident as I have done custom fan cooler on a 6990, but it was 2nd hand. But still alot of moohla to Fk up.
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OK peoples

I have done the cableing beneath and placed the sump cover. All sweet and will post some pics soonish.

I have to tell ya's, I have really amazed my self with the fans.

Yeh I say silent, but from previous experience , I know it most often then not does not turn out that way despite the best layed plans.

But I have to say this is turning out very sweet. I plugged in the front 200, top 140s and rear 140 @ 12v on the power board. Straight away there was an audible wooshing. The top and rear were fine but the front was pretty noisy.

So I then plugged them all into the 7v outlets. "NIRVANA" ****. . Ive never had so many fans in such a small space with so little noise. It is the bomb and very happy. I might stick the top 140's back on 12V as honestly not much difference with these new Coolermasters, very good fans. The top 140's could probably use it with all the other fans pushing air into the case.

I turned my attention to the side fans in the scoops. I was pretty concerned cause these "skinny" scythes rev their ring out. Surely enough they were vibrating and noisy as @ 12v, bearable @7v, lucky for me there is 3v on the powerboard and it turns them suckers silently.

So cabling and fans are all systems go and very quiet. I cant get the grin off me face.

My order at PCCG for the cpu ram and drives is still on process but should be here in a couple of days hopefully and I can give it a boot. Untill then I still have to route some fan cables and make some mesh grills for inside the scoops.

Over and out. thumb.gif
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Wiring before

Wiring after
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Bitspower powerboard mounted with veclro tape to side of PSU.

These boards are awesome, am so glad I thew it in my PC "rat nest" of gear.

There are fan connectors 4@12v, 4@7v, 3@3v. A couple of 4 pin headers and the molex connectors.

It's a very handy bit of kit as it can be concealed away and would much prefer this to fiddly controller knobs of buttons taking up space on the front of ya rig.

The only thing I don't like is the molex, they are all male which is pretty much useless with out a double fem adapter. I think there is a female version but haven't seen them around in a long time.
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Recommend one of these.


No more jump starting PSU's for fan tests and WC installs. biggrin.gif:thumbup:

Only bummer is no on/off switch on it which really would have been handy.
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Sorry I havent been on lately as I have been hectic.

Good news is I have finished the build. Will post some pics in order from where I left off. thumb.gif
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Water cool set up and test.

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I had weight issues deforming the board with the wight of the GPU and CPU waterblock pressure.
I solved this by getting self adhesive rubber feet from the hardware shop.

Last look inside before I shut the door on this sucker.

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