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Memory upgrade advice.

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I have an Alienware Aurora R4 computer (yes I know this was not the best choice, my preference was to build my own. But the $1600 interest free finiancing gave me a good computer right away. Otherwise I would have been without a good computer for a while. My last one took a swim.) It has the Dell 07JnH0 motherboard with i7 3820 CPU.

Currently it has 8gig (quad channel 2x4) of Patriot High speed gaming 2133 memory in it. I ordered 16gig of identical memory, it is 8x2 at 2133 as well. All of the specs on it are the same. My plan was to go 8/8/2/2 and have 20gig memory at 2133. It will recognize it as 20gig memory, but only clock to 1866. I'm working with DELL to get it setup so the higher amount of memory will clock at 2133.

My main question is this. Let's say I am forced to choose.

A. Stay at 8 gig of 2133 memory.

B. Go to 20 gig at 1866 memory.

I'm primariliy interested in gaming, as well as surfing and word documents for school. I do want to do surround 3D on 3 monitors, plus have apps like FRAPS and teamspeak running. My main game I intend to play is Mechwarrior online, but I want to be able to play anything.

I know that 8G is probably enough for most of the time, yet I want to ensure I don't get bottlenecked. However, I'm not sure if increasing the RAM is worth decreasing the speed of the memory.

Hope that all made sense.
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You'll be fine at a speed of 1866, honestly. At this time it looks like you do not need that 2133.
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So you think that more RAM over speed is the way to go? Thanks, that's what I was leaning towards as well.
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