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Memory Question?

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Hello to all, First time here. Here is my problem. I got a 2006 dell dimension 8400, The computer work like brand new. The computer came from factory with two stick of memory of 256 each which is 512mb of ram. I know its low but my computer never have a virus nothing like that thats why work like new. I went to ebay and bought a 1GB stick. I try to install the new 1GB plus the two stick that was already there and dont work. Computer have 4 slot, Each one take 1Gb of ram. I try every single slot and just dont work. The only way that work is either with the two factory stick Or the 1GB stick that i got in ebay. It doesn't work with all 3 together. Please help, Would like to learn why is doing that. Thanks
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Do the specs of the sticks match?
Y u no buy two sticks?

I'm already dying based on my work PC only having 2 GB of RAM, I can't even imagine trying to use 512m at this point in time.
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Different frequencies of the ram most likely. You are going to need to buy another 1gb of ram for it to work better. Also what DDR# is your motherboard, and what DDR# is your new ram?
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Sigh. Second time today. Sorry,
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find the slot pattern then duo one set in proper slot,and single the 1 GB (yes they either have to be pared same and those not the same have to be on the other channel ,you LL be stuck at ddr 1 speed tho,will probably need to go in the bios (press delete before window)and set it to 1 instead of 2
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Got it done! Yes and thanks to all of you. I put the two 256 stick in slot one and two than the 1GB stick in slot 4 and Bingo. Thanks
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