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Samsung 830 SSD on SATA3 Port

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Hello to all and thank you in advance for your help. I am new to this forum and this Mother Board. I recently was given this board by a friend. Since my system was over three years old, I decide to build a new one around the MB. I keep the case power supply and hard drives. I bought a used GTX 560 ti video card, 8gb of DDR3 1600 memory, a new i5-3470 CPU and Samsung 128gb 830 SSD.
I had to buy a new bio chip v2.2 since the current chip was v1.3 and would not let me boot with an ivy bridge processor. All came together well. The system powered up on my first attempt and I was able to access UEFI setup utility without any issues. I changed the storage configuration setting to ACPI to be able to boot with the new SSD. Since I wanted to take advantage of the SATA III capability of the board, I attached the new SSD to SATA3_0.
The OS installation would start without a problem, but on the first restart during installation the software installation would start all over again. This vicious loop continued 5 times before I stopped it. I ended up removing one memory stick and changing the SSD to SATA2_2. That did the trick and the OS installed without any further complications.
After all the updates and drivers installations I added back the second memory stick without a problem. But when I tried moving my ssd (boot drive) back to the SATA3 slot the system would not boot. The widows splash screen would star and then freeze. I tried restarting five times with no success. The booting process would freeze at the place.
Finally, my question; are there any known issue with Samsung SSD 830? Did I miss a step in the bios configuration that would allow me to use SATA3 correctly? Should I have installed all the Intel storage divers related to raid or rapid start? Did I miss a driver?
To make sure SATA3_0 and 1 are working I attach my storage hard drive to them and both times the system ID the hard drive in bios and in windows correctly.
Your help would be appreciated. I would like to take full advantage of this board’s capability.

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sorry, I did not post the MB specs:

ASRock Fatal1ty z68 Professional Gen3.
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