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Subscriptions issue

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  • What happened?
    In subscriptions I clicked the activity tab by mistake. Now when I try to make the threads view my default it won't work.
  • Are you able to reproduce this problem consistently?

  • What steps did you take to reproduce this problem?
    Click the subscriptions link at the top-right of the page.

  • What action did you expect to occur when this bug appeared?
    Subscriptions opening in "threads" not "activity"

  • Any additional information that will help us diagnose the issue:

  • Browser, active browser addons, and operating system:
    Chrome, no addons. Windows 7 x86-amd64.

  • URL where the issue occurs:

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It seems to be working okay for me on your account.  However, you have that million post thread in your feed - that thread is huge, and tends to cause the feed to seize up a bit when it shows up.  We're working on how to better handle that, but just FYI.

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It decided to magically work again now, thouhg.
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