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Are the bulldozer hotfixes installed?
And what if any overclock utilities have you got installed?
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just installed the hotfixes and i have no overclock utilities installed
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Thats quite odd, all your settings are fine.

Considering it wasn't prime stable, try upping the voltage a bit, may be causing the frequency drop.

Also check your voltages, does it drop under load and by how much? You have LLC, so your vcore may be dropping to around the 1.25/1.268 mark, which is very low for 4.2Ghz.

^ NOTE: doesn't mean its not possible to run at low voltages, but your board only has a 4+1 phase, so it could possibly be the VRMs can't provide a stable current to your chip.

Make sure your VRMs are cool.
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Use core temp to monitor vrm throttling under full load. See if the cpu MHz clocks down under prime 95 load. The extreme 3 struggles with fx chips at a certain speed. 990 fx extreme 3 could not handle my fx8120 with even mild oc but handles my fx4170 at 4.6. The 4170 takes very little vcore though and has a fan blowing on the vrms
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ill try upping the voltage, but i just took it back down to 3.6 with stock voltage and it still does it. BUT ive found out that it underclocks the two cores after the pc has gone to sleep/woken up and thats the only time it does it
while running prime 95 or any benchmark tests it doesnt underclock at all and works as it should
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well, found out that having the 'cool and quiet' function disabled is what was causing the two cores to underclock themselves on wakeup.
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