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I need help with overclocking.

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So let me start with my specs.

Motherboard : Gigabyte M52LT-D3
Processor : Amd Athlon 2 x4 630 (2.8 Ghz)
Cpu cooler : Scythe Mugen 2 Rev.b
And a 6 GB Ram "2x3"
Guess these are the only things you guys need to know.

So i'm kind of new to this overclocking thing but i've tried a few things.
At my first attempt, i've increased the Cpu Freq from 200 to 210. That went pretty well. It increased my cpu's ghz from 2.8 to 2.9 without changing the voltage (1.4v).
I have done another attempt but this time from 210 to 220. That also worked without any trouble of changing the voltage & made it 3.08 Ghz.
So my third attempt was a lil higher, I've looked up for a site about how higher i could have done it ' http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/amd_propus_athlon_2_x4_630_620_performance/page2.asp '
I havent red anything but this line :
"The Athlon II X4 630 managed even better. At stock voltage we were able to clock the CPU up to 3.346GHz (14x239). This particular chip had a slightly lower stock voltage (1.312V vs 1.392), which probably explains why it wasn’t able to scale as far as the 620 with no added juice."
And so, i changed the Cpu freq to 239.
Thats where the problems started, my pc asked me to change the values back but i lowered the Cpu freq to 230 instead.
It gave me an error that said something like cannot find the program or something, i have no freakn idea, totally forgot.
Lowered it to 224 and again, it asked me to change the Freq back.
And so, i've gone back to 220 Cpu freq.

Well, the question is, how am i able to push the cpu to 3.5Ghz without having any problems.

Thank you for reading and uh, i might've said some stupid things since i'm not that good at it.
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That chip mentioned OC'd so well probably because it was part of a 'decent bunch'. See, not every 630 CPU is the same. Some ones overclock very well, some not so.
When you increase a clock or a multiplier, you have to ensure you stress test it enough. This means for every stepping you go up, ( every multiplier you increase by) you should start up windows, start up HW monitor to watch your temps, and start up Prime 95. Prime will stress the cpu (basically runs every core at 100% load). If this passes with 0 errors for about 2 hours, then you can assume it's somewhat stable. Then you can go back into the bios and increase the multiplier again, then repeat the process of stress testing. Once you get to where you want ( 3.2/3.3 if you want) you then should run prime 95 for at least 12 hours. This will ensure your overclock is completely stable and usable on a day to day basis.
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