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Full Sized Bluetooth Mice?

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So I bought a Macbook Pro Retina (only two USBs) and I need a mouse for it (not much of a trackpad guy). To me the Logitech Performance MX is the perfect mouse, except that it needs a dongle which takes one of my USB ports (I need both).

So any mouse similar to the Performance MX but bluetooth? I knew Logitech made some bluetooth versions of the MX Revolution (bundled in logitech mx 5500 combo), but can't afford to buy the bundle only for the mouse.


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I'd recommend just getting a USB branch-dongle-thing (honestly cannot remember the correct name for one) and the mouse. You'll need more than two USB ports, trust me rolleyes.gif

I have a 2011 MBP and I have a mouse, external HDD, countless thumb drives, etc. It's a pain since two of my thumb drives (which happen to be the largest in capacity) both cover the second USB slot when they're in. I plan on getting a USB port-expander-dongle (I should google this but I'm short on time) soon, and you'll probably end up doing the same eventually. Just buy it now and don't worry about the bluetooth mouse. Anyways, wired mice are way better than wireless thumb.gif
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