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Zowie AM and Zowie AM-FG have the same huano switches? I cant find any info about that.
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yes they do, but its a great example for the fact that the shell + shell material can influence the click feeling very much.
they both have the same internals, but the feeling is different.
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Thanks. Maybe you know which mouse feels more light. I have Zowie AM, its perfect for me but buttons feels too stiffly.
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So would the AM-FG be a better purchase than the regular AM?
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Originally Posted by Badonka View Post

Thanks. Maybe you know which mouse feels more light. I have Zowie AM, its perfect for me but buttons feels too stiffly.

yes, some people already said that the zowie am-fg feels a bit lighter to click than the original one.
Originally Posted by Polar3D View Post

So would the AM-FG be a better purchase than the regular AM?

thats personal preference. if you like a more stiff and crisp click for single clicking in FPS for example, you may like the original one more.
but as i heard, the clicks on the am-fg are still harder to click than omrons. so both are more of the categorie stiff/crisp switches on mainbuttons.
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Let's be straight forward.

I don't see how the white AM will have lighter switches than the black AM. Likely just a different batch.

The Huano switches are made for competitive FPS. Specifically, Counter Strike. Not for web browsing, not for RTS, MMOs or anything like that. So if you don't play FPS games or you dislike the switches and you don't want to change them out to Omrons, purchase something else.

Switches can vary through out the batches. The Huanos in the EC1, EC2 and AM differ in placement and pivot points. The AM has the switches under your finger for shorter travel - right after the scroll wheel's shaft. This creates the feeling of them being stiff when compared to the EC1 and EC2. The EC1 and EC2 have the switches placed before the scroll wheel's shaft. Making them feel lighter because your finger is further forward of the switch. Think of it like a crowbar or seesaw. So the EC1's design feels the easiest to activate than the EC2 and AM.

Down side of the EC is it will have more pre travel than the AM which will slow your reaction speed. Well, speed in general. The downside to the AM is that you will get tired faster when you click a lot. It is a trade off of either speed or less fatigue. Now if you changed the switches on the AM to Omrons the story would be different. It would be easier to click but at the same time you would retain the reduced travel.

The AM would be the mouse I would use over any in the market today if it was bigger. It is to narrow. If it was a little wider, making it more like the Intellimouse, then I would want it. I rather use the EC2 over the AM until the BST mouse is released.
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Is that what Zowie told you? rofl
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I take it as your comment is for me.

No Zowie hasn't said anything to me. I am just speaking from my personal experience after "tests" I have done with mice.

I know you hate on Zowie Gear. Have you ever said anything to them? Maybe you should. How about you make a list of things they should do to their mice and I will try very hard to get it to them.

What is your favorite mouse based on performance that is available in the market? Also which is your favorite based on comfort?
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The comment was in reference to stating that the switches were "made for competitive FPS gaming". Marketing 101.

I don't necessarily hate on Zowie, but rather disagree with certain decisions made on hardware end. I can understand financial implications of a business trying to make it off selling "competitive gaming gear", but why are the customers themselves still seeking alternatives if your hardware is supposedly marketed as being the best gear available? Ironic actually, Steelseries plays a similar role.

I comment here and there, and maybe I give out a little too much information to the public. I'm sorry that wasn't my intention. I like to learn and help people make their own decisions regardless of brand smile.gif

Why would I contact them, or better yet help them when they have all the resources they need? My knowledge is rather limited in comparison to some of their contacts. Do I think they lack direction? Yes I do.

What matters to me is irrelevant. There's a reason why I stopped reviewing mice.
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How would a business man know what MCU or LED he should use? The OEM just tells them whatever and they look at price and end goal. In other words someone not inside that owner - factory circle has to say something for them to improve. Is that why Razer works closely with Avago when others just get their designs from their factory? As you say, they need direction.

The switches for FPS comment is just to simplify the situation so the common user understands... You know how it is. Also since my perspective is from the end user, not so much the technical perspective like yourself.

Honestly, I would personally like to know what could change hardware wise.
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