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What they updated in the steelseries MLG

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I had the chance to use it for a short time so I'm sorry that I couldn't make a full review or take more pictures

In the short time that I used it I would say that overall it's the highest quality mouse that I have ever used. The two main buttons use 20million omron switches that I never knew excisted till now, and all the side buttons have omrons with a very short travel. The main buttons did feel a bit mushy though

The cord is braided but VERY flexible which is something I haven't seen before.

The mousefeet made me think of hyperglides and they are made of pure teflon which give a slightly better glide than the normal "black" teflon that is normally used in most gaming mice

Performance wise it is very similar to the avago 9500 sensor and it have about the same amount of acceleration unfortunately. At the native cpi steps it performed very well but if you used cpi outside the native range it seemed to be a lot more inaccurate

And here is some pictures. Again I'm sorry I couldn't take more pictures
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Did you actually open up and confirm the switch rating? I highly doubt the specific factory got ahold of them so early (Or rather thought they would be exclusive to logi for awhile), but I could be wrong.

PS: 9500 is a bit different from the 9800 ROM. you didnt notice?
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I am jealous. Of what? The fact you have that Ninox sample.

Oh wait, this is about the SteelSeries MLG -- it looks shinny.
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