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I am asking because my Z77 Extreme6 does not have good fan control. It has a CPU PWM, a System fan - voltage, and 4 case fan headers. The CPU PWM and System fan work pretty well giving 10 steps of fan control, but the regular 3 pin case fan headers have only 4 steps. So I got this NZXT voltage controller a while back (also because some wires were just not long enough)and even hooked up the XF140s and they were acting normally. But I know from previous experience that some PWM fans don't really like being controlled by voltage for daily use and degrade after a while. Also, such controller is pretty useful for testing airflow configurations.

So if the TY-147As have no issues with the fan controller - it will save me the trouble of eventually using them as case fans, as opposed to rigging splitters to run all fans with power from the PSU and PWM signal from the CPU header.
There are splitters and hubs readily available for PWM fans using PSU power. All of my systems use them. Here is a link to how
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Yeap, already read that post. The problem is - I am living in The Netherlands - there is nothing here. Stuff that you find readily available in other places are non-existent in here.

Took me 2 weeks to find a an e-shop which had Ty-147A and after I got 2 - they are out of stock now. Shipping the PWM+Molex power splitters from somewhere like Germany will price it at 30+ EUR. And my fan controller only costed 21.

I also spend quite a lot in case mod materials and components recently, so my girl is getting a bit annoyed. biggrin.gif New case and full 140mm fans will have to wait a bit. For now it's just the R1 that is getting the treatment with new fans.
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LOL Sorry, nether-lands not much there. biggrin.gif I know what you mean and I can feel your pain. I grew up 30 miles for nearest town with poor to no radio reception and definitely no TV. We did have electricity and a party line fine with 10 other familys on the same line. thumb.gif
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
I am coming from East Europe, but since I got away after my Computer Sciences degree - I moved to CGI and Visual FX - thus moved to NL. Internet in here is horrible. Supply of common components is horrible. Things here are so scarce. I am living in the center of a 200 000 city and still it feels so remote. Things that are readily available on Alternate.de and .co.uk are just not in stock at Alternate.nl for example. You even have trouble finding Phanteks stuff (even though they are dutch themselves) due to exclusive reseller policies. biggrin.gif

I mean - dont get me wrong. You can find all possible PSUs, graphic cards, motherboard and etc, but when it comes to those little things for DIY projects - bad luck.

On the topic again. What I found is Penetrating Dye - smooth leather and imitation leather. Since it was stating "imitation leather" it should be safe for plastic, right? I am trying to find a similar piece of plastic to the TY-147s to test it out.

Long story short - just do not do that. The Penetrating Dye does not color the actual plastic. It smudges off. Now I have a badly spotted fan. Will try to spray paint it later in order to save it.
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