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I will be using bitspower compression fittings but will do that once the parts above arrive so I can see what ones I will need.
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Originally Posted by Axehand View Post

Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra

Now I am a little bit confused about the TIM, I want to go with the best out there and it seems the Liquid ultra is the way to go but have heard its really hard to clean? Can I use this for my memory and GPU block aswell? I also plan to delid my 3770k.

Ultra is easier to clean then their older pro version. The only issue with it is that it is electrically conductive, meaning you gotta watch where you use it.

For your 3770k, delidding, ultra is the perfect tim to replace intel's gunk!

As for your dyes, I can't comment, haven't used them =S

*edit: hit submit too quick...
Originally Posted by Axehand View Post

Alright, I've done a rough sketch in paint of what I think is a good setup.

Side view
Top view of bottom

Looks good! you may find with your rad setup that your temps are better with all fans blowing in one direction. You can have some fun playing with it, but I think the issue people have found is that with a setup like that you end up starving the rad of air, because you are trying to draw 4 fans worth of air through 1 or 2 fans worth of space at the front there.
Originally Posted by Axehand View Post

The parts that I have put together have been chosen after reading many threads, reviews which I have come to the conclusion that these are the best.

Aquacomputer Aquaero 5 LT USB Fan Controller
Heat Sink for Aquaero 5
Poweradjust 2

SilverStone FHP141 x 4
Bit Fenix Spectre Pro 200mm Black x 1

CPU - XSPC Raystorm w/ Green LED
Raystorm Intel Aluminum Bracket
GPU - XSPC Razor GTX690 w/ Green LED
RAM - XSPC Universal Memory Copper Waterblock w/ Ram Spreaders
Universal Memory Side Plate Set
3mm Green LED x 2

Aqua Computer D5 pump motor with USB and aquabus interface
Pump adapter for D5 pumps, compatible with aqualis, G1/4

Top - Alphacool NeXXXos XT45 Full Copper 360mm
Bottom - Alphacool NeXXXos UT60 Full Copper 280mm x 2
Stand - XSPC 140mm Radstand x 2
Fans - San Ace 109P1412M101 140x38 x 4
San Ace 9G1212H1011 120x38 x 3

Aqualis XT 880ml With fill level sensor and LED Holder, G1/4
aqualis base for pump adapters 450 ml with nano coating

I don't know if that res is going to do for you exactly what you think, or what I had in mind. I am trying to eyeball how the ports are sitting and how it all connects, I think you are going to be missing a few ports. Also, with the pump on its side and a res like that, you will have to keep an eye on things and make sure that res stays filled past the halfway point or your pump may not have any water to pull on...

When i made the original suggestion I was thinking of a set up something like this...

red arrow is drain, blue arrow below it is inlet from rads, second blue arrow to the right is inlet to the pump, third blue arrow is pump outlet

The perspective is facing the front face of the case looking back towards the psu location.

The idea is that the res is elevated so that whatever water is in it is at a level higher then the inlet of the pump so that the pump won't be starved

Okay we are getting too complicated...When you fill the loop make sure that those bottom two rads have absolutely no air in them and make sure that they lower res has absolutely no air in it at all. As long as you keep that upper res topped up nicely while testing running the loop you should have problems with pump starving.

*edit 2: another easy idea would be to scrap the res below and connect your pump to the base of the your main res
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